Sight project & killing spree

April 26
Picked up a corsage and a boutonniere for prom. Bought them from, a local business. It was so cool to look into her craftspace. 
April 27
At school, the organization SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions, had a "killing spree" meaning that a girl dressed up as a ripper and came into classes killing students. The students that got killed had to wear a t-shirt and be quiet all day while wearing a paper with an explanation of how they died - everything had to do with alcohol, since this was before prom and we want to take actions to avoid drunk driving. They killed both Ryan and I!
April 28
Went to Walmart, Dollar Tree and Culver's with Megan. Always a good time when we are together! 
April 30
Woke up at Ally's house and we left at 10.00 to work on one of her school projects that involved driving around the area to take pictures of different sights - we drove an hour away to Spencerville just to find a bridge.. It took us a total of 6 hours to finish it all! I was exhausted when I returned home, but then I went to Amanda's house to celebrate her birthday.


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