Last few days in Indiana

My last few days before my family arrived was spent cleaning the entire house, swimming in Megan's pool, going to garage sales, going to Sam's Club (it's like Costco), eating donuts, hanging out with Abbey, Ally, Juwana, Kaitlyn & Claire. 
 Pictures from swimming in Megan's pool with Ryan. The water was kinda cold..
 Ally bought ice cream & I tried Cinnabon for the first time. BOMB!
Went to Sam's Club ( an American chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs, basically like Costco) with Amanda, Landon & Carter. I love being an aunt!
"I like watching you sleep. It's fascinating." /Edward Cullen
Played "Speak Up" with Megan, Ryan & Ciera. It's so hard to speak with the plastic mouth shapes!
Made a plant for my host family.. a little memory for them. Linnea means flower.
Had a girls night with Ally & Juwana. We went into Fort Wayne and bought gyros (it is kebab for my fellow swedes). Then we took pictures in the baseball park and by a gas station.
 Went to my first and only graduation party. Lexie Bolinger had a bouncy house, taco buffet, shaved ice, cookies, cake, chocolate fondue and a very beautifully decorated house!

Senior awards breakfast, photoshoot & first goodbyes

May 15
went to my last Campus Life meeting! I got to hold a speech like the seniors. Yes, sadly from here on out I had a lot of "last time I.."s
May 17th
My friend Kaitlyn Brown is really interested in photography, so along with my friend Jia we drove into Fort Wayne to take some "exchange student" pictures! Here are som of the results.
May 18th
Saw Tobias and Felix for what I thought was the last time, but thankfully we ran into each other again! We were supposed to go to the track meet (actually, we snuck in) but because of rain it got delayed.
May 18th
This year, all of the exchange students at my school (Linnea from Sweden, Juwana from Bahrain, Joyner from Kenya and Ryandhani Aldi from Indonesia) were juniors. Our school did not let us participate in the graduation ceremony, but instead we all received a plack that said "International student New Haven" during an awards breakfast. A huge honor!

Camping x2

SHAME ON ME. I just did not make blogging a priority my last month in the US. But since this is my dairy for the year, I will update you on what I did during the last weeks. Sadly my phone broke and I lost a lot of pictures, but I will share what I have.
May 19th-May 21 I went on a camping trip with my host family and their camper! We stayed at Ouabache State Park along with my host brothers and their wives. It was a weekend spent enjoying good company away from my phone and in the nature. We played cards, saw buffalo (not bison) and rode bikes. We got caught in a rain storm! It was a really fun time.
The following weekend, May 27-May 29, we went camping again - this time with a group of about 30 people! We now went to Chain O' Lakes, which was a better campground than last time. Ryan and I spent a lot of time with two other exchange students, Juwana and Fatima, as well as our friend Lucas and his siblings. We played board games, corn hole, went kayaking (or was it canoeing? Can't remember) and I swam in the ocean for the first time this year. Oh, I meant in a lake! I really loved camping. I just walked around in yoga pants and a sweatshirt all weekend and enjoyed the company. I love sitting around a camp fire, making s'mores and talking until it's pitch black outside. Good times!