Cedar Point

When I found out that Ryan was going to go to Ohio and go to Cedar Point - a theme park with some of the best roller coasters in the world - I was jealous. Super spontaneously I asked Ally if she would like to go there with me, and so Sunday the 14th at 6.00 a.m. we took a roadtrip to Sandusky, Ohio and spent the day riding roller coaster after roller coaster. We went on all of them! The lines were really short and it was a blast. You have to look up "The Dragster" - that was the coolest ride of all. Ryan was there with the other exchange students so I got to see them all one last time. It was Ryan's first time going on a roller coaster so that was cool! After the fun time at the park, Ally and I had dinner at Sonic - a drive in restaurant, very interesting concept. Oh, I just want to live the rest of my life like this.

Last day of school

These next blog posts will be a little scattered.. but it is whatever. I had my last day of American school on Wednesday May 24th. The three last days included finals and working on the yearbook. I spent almost every period in the library.. in our classes we only watched movies anyway and that is boring. On the last day all of the exchange students - Linnea from Sweden, Ryan from Indonesia, Juwana from Bahrain and Joyner from Kenya, all walked to our teachers to say goodbye and leave thank you cards. Then we had a little photoshoot in the front of the building.
I do not know how I feel. Empty, I guess. It is nothing. My body has not reacted to the fact that I am not returning. I do not really understand. New Haven High School was so good to me. I made so many friends of all kinds, from all cliques and groups. I hope they will not forget about the tall Swedish girl.

Hakim's video

My dear friend Hakim put together this video of his year in Indiana. I think it is a very beautiful video that you guys should check out!