I Contacted My High School

Hi again!
I have got so much going on before graduation.. I have a test tomorrow, and I have 3 assignments for Friday. Gulp! Not to mention that I am planning my school's graduation party as well as making a movie for that pupose.. Yet all in my head is my exchange year.
I decided to message the school counselor at New Haven High School. By accident called her "mr.", because I did not notice that Maureen is a name of a woman. Great first impression? Not so much.
She replied saying that she is looking forward to having me come to her school. She asked me what sports I play and that I will need to get a physical once I arrive in the US. They encourage their exchange students to get involved in some way, either sports, student council, or other extra-curricular activity. She told me about their Drama Club, and they do musicals every year! I want to be a part of that experience sooo badly! I will be required to take US History and English 11. All other classes will be my choice. Unfortunately they do not have German, so I will not be taking any German classes next year. 
Turns out they do have one other exchange student for next year, not from Sweden though. I am happy I will have someone else close going through the same experience.
There is a separate fee for books, but it is hard to know the amount as it depends on the classes I will take. I hope it will not be too expensive!
"Don't expect it to be like High School Musical", they said. "Oops", I said. (JK)

STS Pre Departure Oriantation Meeting

Just got home from a very long (11 am-5 pm) meeting with STS at Hvitfeldtska gymnasium in Gothenburg!
The agenda consisted of a presantation, where many important subject was mentioned, such as insurance, communication, rules, social media, sexual abuse, the life in an American family.. things like that. During the presentation many parents asked questions, making us almost an hour late for lunch! We also got to know why STS has been bad at communication lately. We signed some papers, one that stated that we have been present during the meeting (I found out that you are not allowed to go on an exchange if you were not) and one that allowed STS to use the pictures we post on social media as a refrence. A man was representing the American organization PAX, so the meeting was a mix between Swedish and English. There were 4 returnees talking about their experiences. One who went to Great Britain, one who went to Alaska, one who went to Michigan (she lived like 40 minutes from New Haven!) and one who went to Texas. It gave a nice perspective to hear about their experiences. We also had two breaks for lunch and "fika" - snacks. One thing that made me feel very lucky is that only 5 of the students present at the meeting had their placement. How fortunate am I! 
I would also like to add how proud I am of myself for actually talking to the other future exchange students who sat next to me! I must have appeared as a really outgoing person. The connection to other exchange students is really important to me. It feels so nice to know that someone is going through the same experience as me!
We got a T-Shirt, a backpack and a folder with information! The other stuff are from previous trips with the organization.