Thursday September the 29th
One thing I forgot to mention about the Thursday of homecoming is that we had a bonfire! Even though it was raining. We just could not let any more activities get cancelled. I had my first s'more! The bonfire took place outside Grace Gathering. I brought Ryan with me and introduced him to a lot of people. A lot of my friends came and we just listened to music, talked and did our best to remain warm by the fire. The fire department actually came to set it up.
Someone new moved in - double placeent
Now, you may think - who is Ryan? Ryan is also known as Ryandhani Aldi Yudiansyah (try pronuncing that). Ryan used to live in Michigan and attend a high school there, but because he and his double placement Yerkin was left without supervision for 3 weeks, they had to be removed from their host families. STS asked my host mom for a favor - can you have Ryan staying with you for a little while when I find him a host family? And so Ryan came to stay with us for a while. He did not get to attend school, he just stayed home and followed Sue and her daily routine. Ryan is from Indonesia and he is 17 years old. On the night of Wednesday 28th, Ryan came over to stay at our house. Poor boy, he was pulled from his host family so quickly that he barely had time to pack. I stayed up later that day so that I would get to meet him. And I remember how, when Sue asked if he had any questions, he said "what are the rules?". Ryan fit very well into our family. He is really positive and kind. So after some thinking, Sue asked him to move in with us. It was not an easy decision - we all looked for families that would be the right fit fo him, until we realized that he belongs in ours. Ryan had some hard time letting go of his life up in Michigan too. Completely understandable. Well, to the point - we are two exchange students staying with the Heckleys right now!

Another school week is done

Time goes really fast here, and I am constantly busy.. therefore I have not been active on my blog. But this blog happens to be my diary - this is where I will look back in the future, my way of remembering what I have done during my year. So even though it is late, I still want to update you all on what has happened this week!
Switched classes
Okay, so I have felt stressed about school. I did not have any free time - when my host mom Sue took me home after school I found myself doing homework 24/7. Although that is changing now! I want to have time to do other things! I dropped out of AP US History and switched to advanced health. Basically we learn what to do in case of an accident or emergancy. We just need to read a book and answer questions. I also dropped out of honors English and switched to "regular". The amount of homework was insane! My new teacher is really fun and we move at a much slower pace. 
 I am officially in a club! We had our first yearbook meeting this week and I would say we are a nice group of girls. Together we are going to take pictures and write articles about school and the sports games. Super exciting!
Picture day was last week. I did not buy my picture but I have it on my student ID.. it will forever hunt me. I believe the use them for the yearbook too?? Not excited about that. I have also forgotten to mention that I have got an iPad from school! We do not use them very much but it is a nice tool to have.
Random school pics:

Swedish kladdkaka in an American household

Last Friday I came home from school really tired, with a headache.. Every part of my body was against going to the football game.. and it was away, so it did not feel worth it. My host mom Sue suggested that we  could bake something instead! After buying some supplies, I put together a "chocolate mud cake", better known as kladdkaka. At first I thought it looked very spongy and overcooked, and according to google, making a kladdkaka in a gas oven would not give great results.. but I really liked it! So did my host family! As you can see in the picture down below, I encouraged them all to try the middle.. where the texture is like pudding, or mud, if you wish. My host parents said that it tasted a lot like a chocolate pudding cake they like to make. The Friday was spent indoors with my host family, a friend from church and her mom, as well as my host father's brother, his wife and his daughters. I really do not regret staying home!