Returning home after an exchange year - finding yourself

I'm in a weird stage of my life right now. I'm in some sort of a transition/transforming phase. I'm turning two people into one;
The person I was in America..
And the person I was in Sweden. 
Both are me. I am not fake.
It's just that under circumstances, you adjust to the situation; the people around you, their mindset, the culture, the environment.. all those outside factors bring into who you are. 
So now, I am finding my true identity within these two versions of me.
To become the ultimate me. A level up - like how Pokemon evolve. And I'm liking the person I'm becoming.
Because my identity is no longer depending on a person or a place; it's just me, my own thoughts and beliefs. 

Last few days in Indiana

My last few days before my family arrived was spent cleaning the entire house, swimming in Megan's pool, going to garage sales, going to Sam's Club (it's like Costco), eating donuts, hanging out with Abbey, Ally, Juwana, Kaitlyn & Claire. 
 Pictures from swimming in Megan's pool with Ryan. The water was kinda cold..
 Ally bought ice cream & I tried Cinnabon for the first time. BOMB!
Went to Sam's Club ( an American chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs, basically like Costco) with Amanda, Landon & Carter. I love being an aunt!
"I like watching you sleep. It's fascinating." /Edward Cullen
Played "Speak Up" with Megan, Ryan & Ciera. It's so hard to speak with the plastic mouth shapes!
Made a plant for my host family.. a little memory for them. Linnea means flower.
Had a girls night with Ally & Juwana. We went into Fort Wayne and bought gyros (it is kebab for my fellow swedes). Then we took pictures in the baseball park and by a gas station.
 Went to my first and only graduation party. Lexie Bolinger had a bouncy house, taco buffet, shaved ice, cookies, cake, chocolate fondue and a very beautifully decorated house!