New Haven High School Prom 2017

I was so excited for my first, and only, American prom! Prom is a school dance to which students dress up really fancy.. most people go all out. Prom dresses usually cost a couple of hundred dollars and so does renting a tux.. not to mention getting your makeup done professionally, doing your hair, accessories, tanning.. it is a lot of work, but I really thought it was all worth it.
I started getting ready early in the morning. I showered, had a hair appointment and got my makeup done by a friend of Sue. I also picked out a corsage and a boutonniere, which are matching couple flowers for me and my date. 
Along with my friends, we organized a dinner at the church. It was me-Luke, Ryan-Kaitlyn, Ally-Steven, Jia-Joanna and Joyner. Brianna came for pictures. We met at 6.00 p.m. We each contributed something for the dinner - it was pasta, garlic bread, salad, brownies and pie. Of course I spilled marinara sauce on my prom dress. I also drove on it with a wheel chair.. R.I.P $189.. no, but seriously.. I am clumsy.
Parents came to take pictures, which was a very long and awkward procedure. I did not know how to pose! Also it turned out that my foundation was a little too light.. so I look like a ghost in most photos. Oh well.
We drove to prom and arrived some time after 8.00 p.m.. you need to be fashionably late. To sum up New Haven's prom - a bunch of people in fancy clothes dancing to rap music. That was really all they played except for the slow dance songs, one line dance and Abba's Dancing Queen. I did not know the lyrics to barely any of the songs.. but oh well, I can turn up to anything!
A tradition for prom in America is to crown a king and a queen. At our school, it is one junior boy and one junior girl that gets elected. Luke was on prom court and he ended up getting the most votes and being crowned king, along with Cloe Bremer as our queen! Shortly after he had to leave because he got sick.
 After prom, Ally, Steven, Ryan, Joyner, Jia and I went to Walmart, bought snacks, and then headed to Steven's house. We watched La La Land and took a nap. Scary as he is, Ryan woke up from his nap, screamed at me, and fell right back into sleep. It was scary.
After that I stayed the night at Ally's house. Prom was successful. Sure, they could have played better music, but at the end of the day it is all about having fun with your friends and going a little crazy on the dance floor. 


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