Sorry for not blogging in forever! So much has been going on since I wrote on her last. Let us just start where we left off and I will do my best to catch up
January 25-26
Somehow I got sick AGAIN, and so did Ryan. We both stayed home from school and felt miserable. 
January 27
Ryan and I went to the mall with our friends Rosegail and Abbey. We tried on some prom dresses but nothing looked good.
January 28
Went to a basketball game with Megan and Ryan. We also ate at Golden Gate chinese buffet.
February 2
First meeting aout drama club! Turns out we are doing "Wizards of Oz" this year! The drama director Mr. Geist was so excited and could not stop talking about his plans for the upcoming show.
February 3
Sue and I went to a poetry reading! I have always wanted to watch slam poetry, but this was not exactly like that. The event took place at a healthy grocery store and most guests at the event where cool hipsters or old ladies. The host himself had the biggest afro that I have ever witnessed. It was an interesting experience though and I am glad that I did something different like that!
February 4
Started the day with spending time with Abbey and Austin. We ate lunch at Salsa Grill, looked at stores in the mall and jammed at Guitar Center. We also took pictures of ourself in a photobooth and I laughed so hard that I cried when Abbey accidently pressed the button to take pictures with "bacon narwhal" theme. We also found the coolest sequin pillows at Walmart. I am just writing that on her so I can remind myself to buy those for my future household.
Later that day, Sue was going to work at a wedding and since I really wanted to experience an American wedding, I came along. The food was delicious and the decorations were beautiful. The host tried to hook me up with the son of the couple but sadly it did not work out.. he was 21. Then he tried to hook me up with one of the guest's boyfriend.. Oops. He was a really funny man though so I do not care that he embarrased me. 
February 5
Today was Superbowl, the day when everyone in America sit by the TV and watches football. Of course I knew nothing about any of the teams but I still went to the youth group's Superbowl party and had a good time. Halfway through most of us decided to go build human pyramids and learn cheerleading stunts. 


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