Spent the first weekend in January at Beulah Beach Retreat Center in Ohio! It was a trip with my youth group. The weekend was spent with friends, and a total of 7 exchange students!! I got to meet Praew from Thailand for the first time. We shared a bed so basically we are best friends now. Joyner, Juwana, Praew and I shared a room - we are all exchange students. We stayed up late and talked about our experience in America. It was great.
During the trip, had sessions where we talked about Christianity and life. We also played games and sports. They actually took our phones the entire trip. I found myself reaching for it more times than I would like to admit. I am veryhappy they took them away though because it upsets me how technology has such a control over me! Instead of sitting in a room by our phones we played card games.
The last day was spent goint to North America's biggest indoor waterpark - Kalahari! Kalahari is actually the name of a desert in Africa, and Joyner is from Africa, so it was really cool to see her in her element. I had a blast in there! They had so many water slides and I went on every single one of them. And here this - THEY HAD A WATER ROLLER COASTER!! I did not even know that existed?
Oh and I also tried surfing on one of those boards but I ended up giving the people around me a nice view of my butt but that I would rather forget.
Kyle Zimmermans foto.
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