Ugly Christmas Sweater & Choir Concert

December 19th
The first thing I did when I came home from school was to start making an ugly Christmas sweater - for Campus Life club had a ugly sweater competition at 6.00. My plan was to turn myself into a Christmas tree. If I would have had more time I would have sewn on garland over the entire sweater, but I happened to have finals the following day, and I felt like I should probably fit some studying into my scheduele. I had a christmas sweater that I wrapped garland around. Then I made ornaments out of yarn that I hung in the garland. Sue found some wooden birds that she also hung to my sweater. She braided my hair with riboon and pinned a piece of garland to the top of my head.. Here is the embarrasing part. The Campus Life Christmas party took place after the Christmas choir concert at school. SO I WENT OUT IN PUBLIC WITH MY HIDEOUS OUTFIT. Ryan and Claire performed and it was great. Ryan also wore an ugly Christmas sweater ON STAGE, so I will have to give him credit for that.
Because of finals and sports related events, not that many people attended Campus Life. But we had a fashion show with our sweaters and competed in singing christmas carols. My team won (all because of Claire to be honest). 
I would say pictures and videos could explain this day in a pretty interesting way:


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