Summary of 2k16 - before my exchange year

I decided to share some highlights of my year! This has for sure been a year of changes..
Started the year making sensible goals instead of resolutions I would not keep. One of them being following a vegetarian diet for a month. So this month I did not eat any meat! I learned that it is not necessary to and that there are many other options. Made one of the biggest decisions of my life - chose what I want to study in secondary school. After attending some classes at IHGR - International High School of the Gothenburg Region, and even eaating a piece of cake to celebrate the birthday of the local coordinator, I changed my plan. I no longer wanted to attend Hvitfeldtska. I chose the IB programme at IHGR. When I visited I felt like to school was a family. I felt like I belonged. It was also in January that the ground was sooo icy, and a huge layer of snow covered the street! I had to wear spikes on my shoes in order to get myself to school. Everyone was late that day! I begun my 4th year of working out at "Friskis & Svettis". I also binge watched "the Bachelor"!
I ate no added sugar this month. Or well, I cut candy, chips, popcorn, cookies etc. out of my diet. Got rid of my cravings for a while. In P.E we made our own choreography to a song - my group chose Pop Danthology 2013. On "sports break" (in Sweden we are off school for a week in February) I went to Sandviken, Norrland, to meet my grandmother, grandfather and friend Wilma. When I got home from that trip I did an admission test for the IB programme at IHGR. It was so intense!! The test was on reading and understanding English as well as math. I sat in the auditorium for 2 hours trying to figure out the answers when I did not even get all the questions! Turned out 200 people applied to the programme, leaving me with 25% chance of getting in. This month was quite an intense time in school. I had an Economics test, Swedish essays, a nuclear physics test.. just to name a few. One fun memory was when I made french toast for my family in cooking class. I have never laughed so hard at school!! If one of my friends reads this I hope you will never forget what happend during that class! 
During this month I was on a high with reading. Read several books a week and wherever I went, an audiobook was in my ears. Posed for my sister's art project - a recreation of "The Selection" cover, my favorite book! Won a romantic dinner for me and my friend at the community youth center. Coloured my hair dark brown. Exams started and I was so nervous, cried a little.. but in the end I got through it with great results! I also joined a book club at the local library.
A suprised girl (aka me) got priliminary accepted into the IB programme at IHGR. Cried out of happiness and for once I felt like all the hard work I had put into school was worth it. Took a spontaneous trip to Torp köpcentrum in Uddevalla with two friends of mine. Felt unstoppable. Discovered Jane The Virgin and shipped Jane with Rafael very intensely! Finally got a new phone (okay it was second-hand but it works wonders). Threw a party for my little sister and her 20+ friends and started to record a parody of the teachers at my school. This month I struggled with being very sick of school. I just felt sooo done! I mean, I was already accepted into the programme I wanted so I did not feel like studying anymore. I still did though.. But then, at the end of April (the 28th to be exact), my host mom contacted my on facebook! What is so ironic is that I was asked the day before when I will know where I will spend my year, and I replied with "could be tomorrow, in 2 months, 4 days before departure.. I honestly do not know"..
Walked into a tree branch which resulted in a scar, making me this generation's Harry Potter. Met the other students attending the IB programme - class of 2019! Did not talk to them that much, but it seems like a good mix! We also got homework - about 10 authors we are recommended to look up before school starts. Thankfully I have a year longer to do so. goSupermodel, a website where I spent most of my days at age 7 through 13, was shut down. I finally read "the Crown", the last book in the beloved series "The Selection". Built a Mouse Trap Car which raced less than 5 meters. Became a part of my school's version of a "prom committee", where we arranged a fancy dinner for all students graduating. I also went to STS departure oriantation where I got information and met other exchange students. 
The end of 9th grade came and I found myself graduating from "the school of Kristinedal" (lol).  Did not feel like I was not going to walk down the halls of the school anymore.. At least never again as a student. I was awarded with a diploma and had to go on stage to receive it.. I felt so nervous so my chair hit the floor and folded itself. Classy. I also went to West Pride in Gothenburg with my little sister. Walked in the parade and saw naked women. Was once in the magazine "Frida" and once in the local newspaper. Had a jumble sale and got rid of some old toys. Saw "Me Before You", and cried in public for the first time in 5 years. Me and my friends went to "Slottskogen" - a lovely park in the heart of Gothenburg. I quit my job as a "person-who-hands-out-advertismets-on-the-weekends" and started my new job as a receptionist at the gym. Went with my family to "Gekås Ullared" and bought some essentials for my trip to the U.S.
Celebrated my birthday with my extended family and friends. Threw a very fancy, sophisticated brunch. Spent time with my grandmother while my parents went to Budapest. Met an old friend I had not talked to in forever. Donated tons of old toys to charity. Saw my dad and Kitto play for 100s of guests at a garde party. Facetimed with my host family for the first time. Went to the embassy and got my visa.


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