Prom dress shopping etc.

December 26

Ryan and I went to the mall with Megan today. There was quite a lot of people there, I suppose I was not the only person who got gift cards and money for the holidays..

December 27

This morning, Ryan, Sue and I went to a brunch at Blake’s and Lizzie’s house. They have a movie room! It is just like an actual mini cinema! Comfortable seats you can lean back in, surround sound, vibrations, lights on the floor, darkness and a signed poster from Lord of the Rings.. It is really all you can imagine.

December 28

My friend Abbey, my locker mate (and friend) Destiny and I hung out today. They picked me up around 11.00, and then we went to Science Central. It is like a Swedish version of “Molekylverkstan”, “Tom Titts”, and “Innovatum”.. but a little more lame. I felt like science central were targeting a much younger audience.. However, I did ride a bike pretty high up in the air and that was kind of cool. After that, we went to eat at Panera.. It was pretty delicious. I ordered a bread bowl with broccoli cheddar soup, and Mac & cheese.. They have this option to order two different things on the menu as one meal. Smart huh? After Panera, we went to a pet store called Uncle Bill’s.. And we cuddled with a kitty! Basically you pretend that you want to buy a pet and you get to play with it. I miss my cat so much. The day was also spent trying prom dresses at Wendy’s bridal store and going shopping in random stores. I found a really beautiful prom dress but it cost $150.. On sale.


December 29

Ryan and I spent a lot of time trying to put together a 500 pieces puzzle.. It was so hard, because half of the picture consisted of sky and trees.. So a lot of the pieces looked the same. Later that day we asked Megan to hang out with us. She brought her Wii to our house but we could not plug it in, so we went over to her house and played Just Dance 2017.

December 30

Megan, Ryan, Juwana and I warn ice-skating! Fort Wayne has a really nice outdoor ice skating rink. There was a lot of people there, and everyone is skating in the same direction around the rink. I was really scared of falling on the ice and there was nothing to hold on to, so I mostly stuck around the edges of the rink. However, Megan and Juwana were really good at it. It was Ryan’s first time ever! We had kind of the same skills. But after a couple of tries, I ended up really having some flow in my ice skating. After the ice skating, we went to Starbucks and Walmart. I had a gift card to Starbucks so a I bought gourmé pretzels.


December 31

New Year's Eve! Today we gathered all of Sue’s extended family at our house. We ate Mexican food, played Bonko (a dice game that Ryan won), and white elephant. For white elephant, we all regift something that we do not want, or buy something very cheap. I gave away a DVD that I won when we played bingo. Then we put all gifts on the table, and we each get a number. Number 1 picks their gift first, then number 2, then number 3.. And everyone has the option to steal from someone else if they want. My gift was from Andrew and Amanda and it was candy, an exercise block and a free Wendy’s ice cream gift card.

Once the guests left, Claire texted me asking if I wanted to spend my New Years with her watching Harry Potter.. She knows me so well. I borrowed all movies from Amanda. Claire and I just layer in her bed, talked, ate candy and watched movies. When the clock striked 12.00 we planned on watching the ball drop on TV.. But Claire accidentally turned on the wrong channel so instead we looked at Joe Jonas in a cheetah bath robe. And after that I was so tired.. I stayed the night at Claire’s house and had some really nice sleep. Claire went to work so I was alone at her house.




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