On Monday January 2, my host family, double placement Ryan and I went to IKEA! IKEA is a Swedish furniture store, and they also sell Swedish food. I felt totally in my element! It was a 2.5 hour trip because the closest store is located in Canton, Michigan. So that means that I marked off another state from my list! At IKEA we first had lunch. My host parents loved meatballs and lingonberry. Ryan does not eat pork so he ordered chicken strips.. that is not even an option in the Swedish IKEA food court! Ryan and I spent hours wandering around, taking pictures of literally everything and I explained almost all of the names of the products (they have Swedish names, if you could not figure that out). We also debated buying Ryan's mom a garlic press. After IKEA we stopped by Cabela's - a large store selling everything for all kinds of outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and camping. Ryan and I took pictures there as well. They had a bunch of stuffed animals set up through out the store.


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