First time sick in America

December 21
Today was the last day of school before winter break, and everyone with perfect attendance got sent down to the cafeteria for a drawing. I was one of those students. The school were giving away fire sticks, headphones, beats and TVs! I did not win anything.. But I like how students that do the right thing gets recognized.

After school, Sue, Ryan and I went to George International Market. The thing is, this international market is mostly just selling Mexican food.. Ryandani and I could not find any Swedish or Indonesian products.

This night I started to feel a loss of appetite and back pain.

December 22
Woke up this morning feeling like crap.. had to cancel all of my plans and stay in bed. I really felt miserable. The day consisted of me eating ice-cream, pineapple and watching chick flicks. Horrible start of the winter break, and so close to Christmas! Every time I am sick I always get mad at myself for not being thankful and appreciative about feeling well. I actually ended up having 39°C fever today without being aware. Took medication for it. At night (10.30 lol), Ally came over to give me a smoothie.

December 23
Nope. That is how I felt this morning. I spent all day in bed today as well, missing Adrianna's goodbye party. Adrianna, a woman from church that lived with us, is now living in Kansas City, Missouri, spending her time at International House Of Prayer (IHOP).




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