Bingo & ice-hockey

December 12th
The weather was still bad the next morning so school got canceled, meaning that we had E-learning/school at home. Basically all teachers post assignments on the web for us to do, and you have a week to turn them in. I we it was not for E-learning, we would be adding days to the school year on the summer, so in a way E-learning is good but.. The teachers have a way of assigning a lot of work.

December 15th
At school we could pay $1 to send someone a candy cane that would be delivered during class (kind of like in Mean Girls.. Go Glen Coco!) I sent one to Claire, Ryan, Zechariah and Kayla. Kaitlyn Bdown got me one! She is so sweet.

December 16
My first day of finals.. Today I had 3 finals - government, algebra 2 and drama literature. Each final is 75 minutes long and so all other classes took like half an hour. I did not have finals like this in Sweden, and I can not say that I like them. You have to save all of your notes from the semester to look back. Some teachers do not even give you a study guide.

December 17
When Ryan went volunteering with other exchange students, Sue, Todd, Ethan and I drove to a family get together. Everyone that has ever had the name of Heckley was invited. We ate good food (everyone brought a dish), played bingo and built gingerbread houses. I actually won the first prize in the bingo and it was a jar of M&Ms.. Yum! As for the gingerbread house making, we actually used graham crackers. Everyone came up with their own design. Mace and I came up with the brilliant idea of mixing frosting with food coloring so that we could “paint” the house. Sadly our three story building fell apart a minute before our contest ended. Ethan, Taylor and Mackenzie built a nice looking beach house that won the competition. Another fun thing was that Mackenzie was taking care of one of those fake babies for school. Occasionally it would start “screaming”. I wish that class was offered at New Haven, but apparently it encouraged teen pregnancies? For the record I have actually seen a lot of pregnant girls at school.

December 18th
Brianna Dishong, one of my closest friends here in America, got baptized at church today! She had to share a testimony in front of the entire crowd, and then she was sunk down into a pool. Later this day, Sue, Todd, Ryan, Adrianna and I went to Fort Wayne to watch an ice-hockey game - the Komets is the team here that people are rooting for. We actually watched the game from our private room - a suite, with family friends of ours. It felt really luxurious! We ordered chips and chilled. There were a lot of fights on the ice, and I hate myself for admitting it but it was so entertaining!



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