Surprise party etc.

Austin Pease's birthday! Went to the mall with Austin, Megan and Ryan.

Went to the mall with Ally. We went into an Asian market to find a gift for Juwana (exchange student from Bahrain) but ended up just making her a build-a-bear.


My brother's 18th birthday, my grandma's birthday and my two friends Juwana and Jia's birthday all took place today! Ally picked me up early and we went to buy donuts and then we planned to decorate Juwana's locker.. however, we could not find a teacher that could open it for us, so she arrived before we had finished.

Kaitlyn came home to us after school and her, Ryan and I made dinner. Kaitlyn is vegetarian so she taught us to make cauliflower hot wings. In my opinion they were far too spicy and we messed up the recipe somewhere along the road.. It did not look very pleasant.


After school, Kaitlyn and I went to Walmart, Marshalls, Goodwill and Stake and Shake. After that we watched a goofy princess movie at her house.

Went to eat breakfast with Sue and the in-laws at a hipster coffee shop known as the "Friendly Fox". I tried to teach myself to drink coffee but I could not finish it. For lunch, I went to Chipotle with Ryan and Ally. We also went to Ulta and looked at makeup. At 4.00 we went to church where a surprise party for Juwana too place. Juwana was so surprised and it made me so happy. We played minute-to-win-it and ate good food. When the party was over, Ryan, Joanna, Megan and I went to Brianna's house and we played Just Dance. What an eventful day!





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