Start of spring break

March 31
Spring break! Ally came over for lunch, we served Thai food (fried rice). We were dog sitting for our host brother and cousins, so a total of three dogs - Spencer the long haired wiener, Boiler the Golden retriever and Amelia the Australian Shepard.

Ryan, Megan and I went to Kohl's (I returned a lot of clothes that were poor quality), Walmart and Culver's (their custard beats Dairy Queen's ice cream easily). We also played Yathzee and I did not have much luck.

April 1
Ally and Steven came over for a BBQ. I am so proud of the grilled chicken that I made. Ryan fried chicken.

April 2
Ate lunch at Kevin and Tiffany's (Todd's brothers house). They live by a pound and I can not wait until it gets warmer so I can swim in there.



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