Square Dancing, Chocolate Factory etc.

So sorry for not putting my blog as a priority.. I just really want to spend my last time here living in the moment, not wasting any time. Today however, it is Good Friday and I am off school, so I figured I might as well give you all an update (to be honest this is more for myself.. this is my diary).
Februay 8th
Audition for drama today! This semester we are doing the "Wizard of Oz". My problem is that I really want to try an American sport.. do I want to play tennis or have a big part in the musical? I decided to audition and let what happens happen. Ryan also cut his hair today.
Friday 9th
Went to eat dinner and have a bible study at Sarah's house (the girl who lived with us for a while). It was nice company. Sarah lives in a house with other girls that are all involved in a church programme called FORM.
Friday 10th
Went to the mall with Megan and Ryan. Megan, I will not forget how you slammed on the breaks.
February 11th
Along with my exchange student group, I went to Southbend to visit a chocolate factory. Millie my local coordinator mixed up the time and we arrived late, however, Ryan, Tobias and I still managed to book a new tour. The chocolate however was not even close to as good as what Europe has to offer. It was totally average in my opinion. Albanese was way better. After the chocolate factory, we went to eat at Tippecanoe Place - a very fancy restaurant that looked like an old building. While we were there, a party was going on with the theme "Alice in Wonderland". For a split second I was convinced that I saw Johnny Depp. The food at the restaurant was totally okay but I loved the scenery and the company was nice. We spent a couple of moments just walking around the building to take pictures. 
When I got back home, Ryan, Sue, Todd and I went square dancing! It was the most fun I have had in such a long time. We were constantly laughing, trying or best to figure out the dances.. I felt like I had found my calling, I just loved being so silly and goofing around to country music knowing that no one around me judged me. I was completely swept of my feet, literally. It was wild.
February 12
Megan, Joanna, her sister Audrey, friend MacKayla and I went dress shopping, hoping to find something to wear at prom. Sadly there was no sucess, all dresses at David's Bridal were far too short. When we got home, Megan, Ryan and I played basketball and Clue.


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