Spring is coming

February 14th
Spent Valentine's day with Claire. We ate Subway and went to the movies. Kaitlyn Brown was my valentine, I gave her a little treat.
February 15th
Ate dinner at my host brother's house. Here are some cute pictures of his son Carter and I:
February 16th
Had callbacks for the musical - basically a second round of auditioning. My singing was rough. My host mom Sue flew to Italy to spend time with her exchange student from last year.
February 17th
Went home to Tobias, an exchange student from Germany. Ryan and I hung out with him, his sister, another German exchange student named Fabian and three of their American friends - Matt, Noelle and Michelle. Tobias' host mom Dawn had made really nice food for us. It was a night of fun company. On the way home, Dawn and I witnessed a shooting star. Until this moment I did not know that they even existed.
February 18th
What a beautiful day! The sun was shining and it was Swedish summer outside. Megan, Ciera, Ryan and I went to an outdoor mall called Jefferson Pointe. Ryan spent about $100 for clothes. I just looked around. Megan and I ate lunch at McAllister (or Menards, as I mistakenly called it) and it was really good. We thought the cashier was attractive but he did not enjoy our jokes. I also spilled water all over the place. Yay. On our way home Ciera fell and it was really funny. We played cards and baked.
February 19th
After church, Todd, Ryan, Ethan and I went to spend the day celebrating birthdays at grandma and gradpa's. We went on a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs and Essie ran around in a pound as we all laughed. The weather was wonderful. When we got home, Megan, Ryan and I went to Kohl's, played boxball (America's version of king ping for my fellow swedes).
February 20th
Today we did not have school. Megan came over for breakfast, I made some really good hash browns. Later, Ally, Ryan and I went to the mall. We looked for prom dresses and Ally found the one almost right away.. for me however, it was not that easy. We ate lunch at Ryan's favoite place - Thai Kitchen. Then Ryan and I went on a bike ride on the tandem bike. We rode by school, and then we went to Downtown New Haven where we bought donuts and bought New Haven merchandise at "New Haven trophies" - they had a sale, so that was pleasent. We also took pictures in the area, and I was scared to get driven over by a train. As we returned home, we made potstickers for dinner (/dumplings). Ryan and I made different ones and then we had Ethan judge which one did a better job - he chose me! As we were cooking, we live stremed it on Facebook. We heard a strange noise and Ryan and I was convinced a ghost was in the house.


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