Presentation about Sweden etc.

March 22
Hung out with Claire after school she got a spray tan and we went to Target where Ryan and I spent time dancing in the technology department.

March 24
Left school early. It was more than 20°C out and I could not be happier. Ryan and I held a presentation for home school kids, and it was a really good time. We made food (I made chocolate balls and Ryan made fried rice balls and shrimp crackers), presented about our countries and danced traditional dances (I obviously taught them "Små grodorna"). The kids asked a lot of questions and were very engaged in the conversations.

We then ate dinner at Subway and Megan came over so we went on a walk with her dogs. We went prom dress shopping (yes, again) but I ended up buying my dress online. A lady at Starbucks gave me a pack of organic cookies for free. I just asked her what they tasted like and she opened the package and handed the cookies to us.

March 25
Along with other exchange students from PAX, Ryan, Sue and I ironed pillow cases for kids with cancer. It was a long process but it feels great to make a difference. The other exchange students came here through scholarships and voluntary work is mandatory for them.

March 26
Went to Cebolla's and ate Mexican with all Heckley girls.

March 27
Campus Life had a "Hawaiian Luau party". We dressed up, ate food and played games.


March 28

Went on a field trip with SADD (students against destructive decisions) to the center of nonviolence. They are working to prevent violence in relationships and homes. We collected about $100 that we donated to their organization. They gave me a safety whistle that I now have attached to my purse.


March 29
Ryan and I helped out with setting up a garage sale at church. The money will go to a missions trip to Haiti that some of my friends are going on. I bought a Harry Potter letter kit, a bulldog headband and an American flag pin.

March 30
Went on a photography field trip to Woodlan high school where we checked out their dark room. I no longer feel a desire to be a photographer, it was pretty uninteresting.




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