This is what happiness looks like

I am a simple kind of girl. Friday September 16 was totally my kind of night. Claire and I was planning on attending Zech's (have I mentioned him on my blog yet? If not, he is one of my friends. We became friends when I was on my first mission for the yearbook) tennis match. The problem was that Claire was already at school taking a test and practicing a song.. and her phone died. So I could not reach her. Thankfully the other exchange student Juwana was also planning on attending the match, so I rode with her there. There were not really any students there.. I sat with Juwana and a freshman named Gaeron. He told me that cheering was not allowed at tennis matches and I totally believed him (everyone is so quite!). Still no sight of Claire. However, my friend Brianna texted me and asked if I wanted to go out to eat at a restaurant called Manchino's. Since I had not heard from Claire, I told her yes - pick me up at school. Seconds after Claire exits the school building and Brianna arrives. The three of us decides to go to Manchino's together. The tennis match ends and we go over to talk to Zech and his team mate Dwight. Rain starts pouring and I just run straight into Claire's car. We drive to Manchino's and since I just ate I am not even close to hungry. I order a half order of bread sticks, which I later found out is three huge baguettes of bread with butter on them and pasta sauce on the side.. Since I hate throwing away food I just ate it. Turns out Claire and Brianna are pretty similar - they both said the same word at the same time, it was pretty funny. They also happened to have a similar taste in music. 
"I don't get the yolk". /Linnea - the swede with bad pronunciation skills
"Linnea, you crack me up." /Claire - the American who enjoys bad puns
After a while Zech texted us asking if we want to hang out. The problem is that he does not drive a car. We had not finished eating and did not want to leave our food, so Claire and I leave Brianna alone to go pick him up. A little easier than said, because we could not really find the way to his condo. Eventually we do, and by that point Brianna is slightly freaking out because she ends up being the only costumer in the restaurant. 
The four of us stayed there for a while - talking about everything and nothing at all. Singing ABC's. At 8.5.. p.m. Brianna had to leave, because of cross country the following day. Claire, Zech and I stayed. We did stupid, funny dares and made a bit of a mess. We stayed there until Zach, one of the workers who also happens to be a senior at New Haven, told us that they were closing. Zech suggest that we go on a walk in his neighborhood but Claire is not really up for it. Instead we stay in her car, parked outside Zech's condo. We tilted the chairs back and layed in her car.. I could have fallen asleep in the backseat (as long as I did not sit on her notes!). We looked at the clouds - stars were hard to see because it was pretty dizzy. We told each other horror stories (I hate the one about the lick from the dog under the bed!) and two funny stories - one about purple plastic penguins and the other about prom. And then the three of us just randomly starts singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".. oh well. I even realized that I have totally forgotten the Swedish lyrics to the song.. We also got to meet Zech's family before I had to return because of curfew at midnight. 
The best kind of friendship is when you meet people you can be yourself around and still be accepted. I have known these people for about a month, and I already feel like they bring out the best of me. 


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