No school!

Tuesday 9/13
The past Tuesday we had what we in Sweden call a "studiedag" - a day off school for the teachers to attend meetings. I was really anticipating this day, until I realized that I had no plans.. The day before, the girl sitting next to me in psychology (who always said hi and smiled) and I talked about not having plans and so.. I asked her if she wanted to hang out. She said sure, and so Tuesday morning I sent her a message. Awkwardly she did not respond to my message.. Until a little later. Around 3.30 p.m. she came over and introduced herself to my host mom, and then I was in her car, on my way to her house. I brought my failed attempt of a "kladdkaka" which I covered in whipped cream and caramel apple dip.. she let me try her brownies. We went up to her room and talked about singing, since she is in show choir (best soloist at New Haven 2015). I had been mumbling a song around her all the time, and she wanted me to sing for her.. It took me at least an hour until I finally got the courage.. I just stood behind her door and from that moment on we sing together a lot!! Afterwards we went on a walk on a nearby trail, found a credit card, took pictures with corn, went to Starbucks and Target (we were very intrugued by their Halloween costumes), went back to her house and watched "Easy A" while talking about song writing and eating Airhead bites.. I also got to meet her mom and she was really sweet. Yay for new friends!


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