Labor day weekend

Oops! I have to update your guys on what is going on in my life right now, because a lot of things have been happening!
Wednesday 8/31
This day was just extremely stressful. Found out that I was going to have a test in biological psychology. We worked with the chapter for about a week! And how in th world was I going to be able to memorize all those biological terms, like thyroid gland, hippocampus, cerebral cortex.. and their functions? I tried calculating what the lowest grade I could get on the test while still remaining on a solid C was, but I still have not figured out the American grade system.. My grades change almost every day!
Sue gave me a light up pen that totally looked like an electronic cigarette.. so I decided to fool my friends that I was vaping.. at least it was somewhat of a light in a day where I only saw darkness.
Thursday 9/1
The day of the test.. that I somehow nailed!! My technique of eating, breathing and sleeping psychology seemed to work out. Maybe I work great under pressure? Well, I am not going to further investigate on that because I never want to go back to that scenario! I only missed two questions and earned an A+. Walking to the car with a huge smile on my face that day was worth all of the hard work.
Thursday evening I went to my first volleyball game! New Haven High School vs. Blackhawk Christian. The score was always so even, but Blackhawk ended up winning.. It was still fun though! The student section had a lot of spirit. We all wore white, and we chanted a lot. Once when Blackhawk scored, we just walked out of the gym, only to return when New Haven scored. Really funny!
Friday 9/2
I have officially been in Indiana for a month! Which is crazy! Came home to school and faced Sarah, who has been temporarily staying at our house, packing all of her belongings.. So sad! Sarah has been like the big sister that I never had, and seeing her leave was not easy! I helped her load her car and watched her drive away.. thankfully I will still see her at least once a week, because she always goes to Grace.
This leads us to some new news - a new girl is moving in! Her name is Adrianna and she is also very active at Grace Gathering, the church. Adrianna and Sarah did FORM together. ("FORM is an intensive discipleship and missionary training year for young adults hosted here in Fort Wayne. For ten months these guys and girls, who have come from all over, will spend 20 hours a week receiving a world class training environment that will impact them to live out their missionary calling for the rest of their lives in a post-Christian culture"). Although I never met Adrianna this day, because I was heading out and by the time I returned she was asleep!
Taylor and Alicia, my host cousins, came over to pick me up. Then we took a road trip to Ball State University, where we picked up their friend Deni. After filling up on some energy at Subway, we drove to Goodrich Huntington Twin Drive-In! Going to a drive in movie is something I have always wanted to experience. We just layed in the back of the truck with pillows and blankets, while watching "The Secret Life of Pets" and "Finding Dory". And for those of you who were wondering, you access the sound of the movie through a radio station (how clever?). To be fully honest, we never finished Finding Dory. It was so late, past midnight, and I could barely keep my eyes open.. 
I am pretty sure I also went over to Bianca's this day? She has been having bad migranes so I brought her a slushie and her school books. She does feel better now though!
Saturday 9/3
Woke up after a long night's sleep, ate breakfast and put on some clothes.. then Sue and I drove over the Rescue Mission, where we served food to the homeless people! It was really a great experience, and I can already say that this exchange year is turning me into a better person. At the rescue mission, Sue and I, as well as Ally and Lauren, two juniors at New Haven, as well as Ally's boyfriend, served corn bread, chicken, green bean casserole, sausage and salad to people of all ages. 
Sue and I tried to change my phone plan to verizon. T-mobile has not been the best - I pay $50 a month for unlimited calls and texting, as well as 5 GB data. But a lot of times my 4G does not want to work.. However, my phone was sadly not capable of a verizon account.
My host parents went to a wedding and I stayed home, playing with the dogs (I forgot to mention that Amelia, my host brother's dog, stayed with us today). I was going to do homework, but snapchat was too tempting.. so that never happend. I also made dinner - pasta with creamy ham sauce. When I made it I just thought "what would dad put in it?", because the dish was something very similar to "the only thing my dad can cook". 
Took the opportunity to go to bed early.
Sunday 9/4
Woke up and got to meet Adrianna for the first time! Kind of crazy that we have been sleeping in the same house without seeing each other for two nights! 
Went to church like always. Ally, Brianna and I all dressed very formal, so we took a beautiful picture. After church I was supposed to hang out with Cami from Momentum, but she had to do something else. Instead, Sue took me thrift shopping! I tried on so much stuff in Goodwill and I found a lot of great steals. Dresses that actually work with the dresscode! So sweet of Sue to sacrifise her Sunday afternoon by shopping with me, thanks! When we returned, Todd was finished with redoing the upstairs bathroom floor! We have all been using the downstairs bathroom over the weekend.
At 6 o'clock, Adrianna and I drove over to Papa John's to get pizzas for momentum. Not many people showed up to momentum today because of Labor weekend - we are off school on Monday to allow workers to have a day off. We talked about how God is testing us in life, and had a dance party! 
Monday 9/5
It is currently Monday, and I am getting ready to go over to Sarah's new place to watch "The Little Mermaid"! I am so excited. I also have a lot of homework to do today.. *sigh*


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