Kids Against Hunger

Saturday 9/17
Had to get up really early (and I went to bed at 1.00. a.m!) because I was heading to a food packing event by the organization "Kids Against Hunger"! Together with 37 other groups, we packed over 100,000 lunches to people starving in the Philippines. My job was to put soy protein into a plastic bag. Ended up getting a lot of food in my pocket afterwards.. After the event, I went with my packing group to breakfast/lunch. I ordered a taco salad - it was big and it made me very pleased.
When I came back home I jumped into the shower and met Sarah for the first time. She is Caleb's (my host brother) wife. They also brought their puppy.. she is so cute. We ate dinner and for desert we had Chocolate pudding cake! Sue's take on the Swedish "kladdkaka". Yum!
I was planning on going to bed early, but Kelli reached out and asked if I wanted to go to the mall. Of course I could not resist! It was her birthday! Kelli has a great fashion sense and she picked out some great clothes from me - which I ended up not being able to buy because my debit card does not work at Forever21.. Hm. We also went into a halloween store and that was really entertaining!


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