Homecoming Day #1 College Go/Dress for Success

Monday September 26th marked the beginning of homecoming week! Homecoming week is a special time during the year when all students unite to show school spirit. The student council plans out different themes/dress codes throughout the week. Fun after school activities were schedueled, and at the end of the week, Friday, we would have a homecoming parade and our homecoming game. That day, we also pick a homecoming king and queen, out of the seniors.
Monday's theme was College Go day/Dress for Success. Every Monday, if we dress "successful", we can get a giftcard or some sort of reward. I borrowed a Indiana University T-shirt from Adrianna.
This day, the first presidential debate took place. Let me just say I was not impressed by what I saw. The day after, we talked about it in school all day..
We also had a debate about candy bars today. I had to argue why 3 musketeers was better than Snickers. I had never tried that bar before, but my nice host parents bought it for me to try!


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