Week 42

Monday October 17th
Second day of fall break. Ryan and I cooked Indonesian food - Fried rice with chicken and vegetables. Turns out that cooking food together was a huge test for our relationship - he has learned a different method of doing things than me. After dinner, a girl that I had been talking to a lot through Snapchat but never had a conversation with in person, Joanna, came over. We just relaxed and played board games. I think she will be a dear friend for me during this year.
My first time eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Tuesday October 18th
 Today was the first day of play practice! We had a read through, so we all would know what the play is about. I actually really like this play - it is funny and interesting. You can look it up on the Internet - "The Curious Savage".
After the play practice Claire asked if I wanted to have a sleepover. We stayed up late Eating Dairy Queen vanilla ice-cream with Hersey chocolate syrup and rehearsing lines. As rude as I am I made her sleep on the floor.. Although she did not mind.
Two Asians stayed the night in our house to attend church the day after. They were really sweet and I fooled Claire that they were Ryan's parents.. But they were Philipino and Japanese.. 
Wednesday October 19th
No school today! All sophomores and juniors had to take the PSAT - but if you are an exchange student, you are an exception. Claire and I woke up early. Made hot chocolate with peppermint for Claire and I. Then we drove to the orthodontist for her to get her braces tightened. After that we went to her house and cleaned her closet. She gave some clothes she did not want to me! That made me so happy. After that we went to IPFW and wen on a college tour. It is a nice campus and I think Claire should go there! It is not as expensive as a lot of other colleges in America. We then realized that Claire had show choir practice but we met later during play practice. 
 I keep breaking Claire's car.
Thursday October 20th
Started watchung "Stranger Things"! The series is set in Indiana and it is pretty darn good. Claire came over after practice and we had ice-cream. Yay!
Friday October 21th
 After school, Brianna picked me up and we went over to her house and ate tomato soup and grilled cheese. After that, we went over to to the football game. It was a black out and New Haven won! When the game ended, Brianna and her boyfriend Zach, Ryan, Ally and I went to bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings). I had some spicy taco. Wings aren't my favorite. 
Brianna spilled water all over our table. At least it was not me. 
Saturday October 22d
Spent the day having a photo shoot with Ryan. We took some awesome pictures! After that I went to take pictures of Andrew, Amanda, Landon and Carter. They have a pretty awesome camera. We took the pictures at grandma and grandpa Heckley's house, where leaves are falling off the trees, pumpkins, hay.. And kittens! Adorable kittens that wanted to cuddle with me! When we finished taking pictures we went to Bob Evans for dinner. Let's just say that I was a little disappointed at my food (2 pieces of chicken?) 
Linnea Karlbergs foto.Linnea Karlbergs foto.
Linnea Karlbergs foto.Linnea Karlbergs foto.Linnea Karlbergs foto.
Linnea Karlbergs foto.
Linnea Karlbergs foto.
Linnea Karlbergs foto.
Sunday October 23d
 After church I went to a baby shower! My first baby shower ever. We ate soup and chicken sandwiches and watched the mom-to-be open presents. After that, I went to an event called Octoberbash with a different youth group. We rode a van to  a retreat 30 minutes away from New Haven, where we met with other youth groups. We played marshmallow paintball, Pokemon Go in the dark woods (basically we had to find our leaders that were hiding) and sang around a campfire. Not to forget that we ate some really good chili and chips. I made new friends through the trip and it was so fun!


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