GoMAD & football game


Nov 1
Can not believe November is here! I had play practice tonight and this was the first time we rehearsed on stage. Previously we had been in the choir room - which is way smaller.

Nov 4
Today was the big sectional game - if we won against Bishop Dwenger, we would be sectional champions. Their team ended our season last year. The student section was huge, it might even have been bigger than during homecoming. Claire was there too, and never before did she attend the football games. With a couple cups of hot chocolate and a lot of loud cheering, we won. We beat their team and the Bulldogs were sectional champions. I was so happy and excited. The game was extremely intense, because it was not until the moment the scoreboard said 00:00 that we knew we had won, because the other team played offense, and if they would have scored - that would be the end.

After the game, Ryan, Claire and I headed to Fort Wayne, spending the weekend at GoMAD - an event run by YFC Campus Life, where kids from all over our are get together for a fun but intense time. We had a bunch of fun activities ahead of us as well as sessions/sermons, since a Christian organization was responsible for the event. Before going to the hotel we would be staying at, we went by Claire's house so that she could pick up her stuff. Ryan took a seat in a chair by her front porch, and it fell apart beneath him! It was hilarious. This is not the first time Ryan breaks something.. We like to joke about him breaking lamps. After a couple of laughs, and apologizes from Ryan, we were back on the road. We arrived at the Marriott Hotel in Fort Wayne where we got our rooms assigned - boys and girls separate. Claire and I shared a room with 3 other girls - Erika, Alyssa and Lexy. They had all brought a lot of snacks so we put all of our food on a table. After settling in, Claire, Ryan and I went over to a concert held at the convention center on the other side of the street. This is where the activities took place this weekend. Some rapper performed.. It was not very special. Claire and I went back to the hotel around 11.30, because she had to go take the SAT the next morning! I stayed up a little later talking and eating pizza with my roommates in the hallway.

Nov 5
Started the day with breakfast, and then we had a session and a game. The New Haven kids sat right in front of the stage. One activity was the two leaders having a presidential debate over puns, after that, one student from each school got to build a paper airplane. Whoever threw it the furthest got a pizza night for all its students. The person who threw it the worst got a punishment. When Ashley from New Haven went on stage we all screamed and cheered so loud! She didn't throw it too far though. One airplane swung around and turned back.. The guy who threw it had to eat mayo.. Gross! Once it was over, we had free time. I got back to the hotel and changed. Claire was still taking the SAT. Ally, Brianna, Juwanna, Sophia, Ryan, Savannah and I went to Coney Island where we ate our lunch. It is famous in the Fort Wayne area. The we went to a party store where they sold costumes and simply a bunch of fun stuff. We also went into some boutiques (everything was super expensive but very elegant and cool). After walking around, we went into the convention center where they had a block party! In the huge room there was an inflatable slide, goKart like cars, 9-square game, some people played cars.. Just a time to get to know new people and have fun. I really enjoyed it. When the block party was over, we had KFC sandwiches in the parking garage. The sandwich consisted of a bun and a chicken, alternatively mayonnaise. Not very tasty. But I do love their chips! After spending some time in the hotel, we went back to the convention center for a session. First it was a concert, and then they talked about a lot of serious subjects. A lot of people got emotional and started crying. This night is apparently known as "cry night". All the kids from New Haven went into a room and talked about our lives and struggles. Some people have gone through some really rough times and it was hard to hear. People really let their walls down, and I really felt a sense of unity, like I could truly trust the people around me.

Nov 6

Woke up and put on a onesie that Alyssa lent me. Every student from New Haven wore onesies.. It was fun to see how united we all were. My onesie was really tight though.. Haha! After breakfast, we went over to the convention center. I started talking to a guy working for a college, and turns out he used to love in Sweden! He was planning to move back to! We had such a great conversation. He gave me a frisbee with the college logo on it. We did some fun activities in the convention center. They asked for students who could show off some abnormal human tricks.. It was fun to see a girl burp the alphabet, someone else rabble it backwards, someone walking on their hands and people who could twist their joints in all kinds of ways.. Alec from New Haven ran up on the stage and smacked his face really hard. It was hilarious. There was also a session and a concert. The last session ended at noon. When I came home I ate a sandwich and went to bed. Accidentally fell asleep until 6.00 p.m. I was so scared that I would switch my entire day around!



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