Two Ordinary Days

I could not get on the Internet last night, therfore no blog post. But you have not missed much. Just two ordinary days. Is that not crazy? That I now refer to this as the ordinary, normal, every day..
Last night I was ready to sleep at 9. I really wanted a long night's sleep. But then my host mom, Sue, knocked on my door and said that there was a tornado warning! Of the worst kind! So I had to stay awake in case it came close. So I ended up sleeping at 10 instead.. that did not make me very pleased. The tornados never came to New Haven, but turns out there were three of them in Indiana! 
School is going great, but I get homework every day and it really takes a lot of time.. Struggling with vocabulary. One thing that upsets me is that my teachers does not seem to fully understand my struggles, since I am able to communicate with others very well, they seem to think that I can be treated just like the other studets. But that does not mean that I understand everything they are teaching! I would like them to walk up to me and give me clearer instructions! However, I am really enjoying math and internship. I got introduced to inequalities today! I had never heard of them before! And during internship I get to do articles and interviews for the yearbook, as well as run errands around school. 
What do you want to read on my blog? Anything specific? Any certain questions?


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