Swedish kladdkaka in an American household

Last Friday I came home from school really tired, with a headache.. Every part of my body was against going to the football game.. and it was away, so it did not feel worth it. My host mom Sue suggested that we  could bake something instead! After buying some supplies, I put together a "chocolate mud cake", better known as kladdkaka. At first I thought it looked very spongy and overcooked, and according to google, making a kladdkaka in a gas oven would not give great results.. but I really liked it! So did my host family! As you can see in the picture down below, I encouraged them all to try the middle.. where the texture is like pudding, or mud, if you wish. My host parents said that it tasted a lot like a chocolate pudding cake they like to make. The Friday was spent indoors with my host family, a friend from church and her mom, as well as my host father's brother, his wife and his daughters. I really do not regret staying home!


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