Shopping w/ Bianca and Escape Room w/ Sarah & co.

Shopping w/ Bianca and her mom
Woke up 8.00 this morning so I would have time to talk to my family before Bianca (a friend of mine that I met through Sue, my hostmom) and her mom came to pick me up! We went shopping! The stores we walked into were Ulta (a makeup store, with both drugstore and high end brands), TJ Maxx (a store with clothes, makeup, home decor, kitchen supplies, notebooks.. a lot of things), Rue 21 (a clothing store with very trendy clothes for a good price), Forever 21 (a really popular clothing stores, especially for teens) and some other place I can not seem to remember the name of. After that we went to MC Donalds and I got 2 snack burritos and a water. I bought a Harry Potter crop top, a black dress with cut outs on the side, 2 makeup sponges from Real Techniques and a notebook for yearbook! 
Escape room & Coney Island w/ Sarah and her family
Came home after 2.00 p.m, changed into a more appropriate attire and got into Sarah's (a girl who also lives in the same house as me, but she is not related to my host parents) car. We drove 20 minutes until we found "Escape Fort Wayne"! It is an "escape room" which means that you are supposed to find a key that leads you out of the room, by doing different tasks. The room we were in was called the "Play Room", so toys were laying everywhere in the room. Our goal was to find combinations to open locks. It was so hard, but Sarah's family was so smart! We were so close to getting out, we just had to figure out our last clue that would lead us to the key.. and if you know me you would know that I am very competive, and that I like to come up with reasons other than the fact that I suck, that led me to not succeeding. So let me just say that we could not figure out how to open one of the locks! Even though we used the right combination! So that took us like 10 minutes - which was all we needed in order to get the key! So.. I believe we could have done it! However, after the escape room we went to "DeBrand", a pretty famous, expensive chocolate shop. We did get a free piece of chocolate, and it was so good! Although I will say that you could get a lot of good chocolate in normal grocery stores in Sweden. We do not need to go to a "fine chocolate" store. After that they took me to Coney Island, which is famous here in Fort Wayne! They had some really good hot dogs, probably the best ones I have ever tasted! 
And now I am back home, and I need to study.. I have an English quiz on Monday! Wish me luck.

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2016-08-14 @ 12:44:31

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