Prep course day 2

One thing that I forgot to mention yesterday was that at dinner I talked a lot about my name and made everyone try and pronounce it, and actually it helped people remember it! Just make fun of your name and you will be alright! Haha.

Woke up at 7.00 feeling so much better than the previous day. For breakfast there was oatmeal, scones, fruit, muffins, bagels, yoghurt and different cereals. I really recommend you to try the scones! We always have an hour for breakfast and getting ready for next class.

After breakfast we gathered in our smaller groups. We repeated our names (this time we wrote them on the board so we would know what we were pronouncing). First of our leader showed us how much our comfort zone will expand during our year. Sure gave me some confidence. Then she talked about her exchange in Texas. I always enjoy a good talk from a returnee. Then we were asked to mention our fears and hopes. Like first day, getting fat, homesickness and then becoming more extrovert, travel, experience a new culture.. And such. Our hopes were more than our fears, and that is always good. After class we had lunch. I think we had hamburgers and BBQ chicken. And corn bread! I had never tried that before.

After lunch we had class - this time all together. We talked about the history of New York.. I knew nothing. I think I might have some struggles with American history.. Because I only know the European history and big world events. Some people knew so much! Then we talked about our trip to Manhattan. We received a map where an area was circled - where we were allowed to be. They mentioned what we need to bring and also some places they recommend us going to - like Top of the Rock, M&M store, fifth avenue.. It is really important that you listen during this lesson and follow the instructions!

We got some time to get dressed, and then we played American sports! Cheerleading and football was on the schedule. We met outside the lawn and gathered in our groups. Now we had to choose a team name. We went with the unicorns because our leader had a unicorn t-shirt.. So much team spirit! The other teams had quite a different thought.. The Destroyers and the Warriors!! Haha. After that we off to come up with a rhyme or something to say during our cheer in front of the group. We came up with "We are fast, never last. We are strong, never wrong. We are pure not insecure.. Go unicorns!"

American football was fun! We had a real coach teaching us. First we stretched and learned how to hold the ball. Someone gave me a compliment because I could throw and catch the ball nicely. We did not play the real version, just a basic one.. And not much action happened. Most people were just confused. The guys seemed to enjoy it though.

Cheerleading was fun. It is a lot about spirit and attitude. "Because we are the unicorns and we do as we please".. We learned how to do a pyramid! I was the person in the back because I am tall.

After doing big sports we had 5 minutes to put together a cheer.. Which we were supposed to have done first thing when we were outside!! We rushed and came up with a routine. We devided into 3 groups and then we stood in window positions - so in three rows and so everyone was visible. We clapped with our hands a certain way to make the sound of a horse. Then the first group said "We are fast never last" while looking very proud and clapping in a cheer way. Next the other line said "We are strong never wrong".. And the last line "We are pure never insecure".. And we all walked into three times who did pyramids. I was supposed to count but I forgot so we stood still for a while.. Oops. Actually we got points for our work. The other teams did not do stunts like us, so we were all so confident we were the best group.. But he judges did not prefer our routine. Haha!

Everyone wanted to use showers so I was so stressed! One of my fastest showers ever!

After dinner we had group activities - charades and making statues with people (like for example, your shoulder has to touch someone's ear and then you can not move.. That makes you a statue). During charades some team members wanted help and I wanted to win so I just ran up to them.. We got "sorting laundry", "go to the zoo", "teacher", "martial arts".. It was pretty difficult!

Then everyone was so tired so we went to bed. The end. Lol.



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