New Haven vs. Lakeland - American Football

Went to my first "actual" football game last night". New Haven vs. Lakeland! It was so much like the movies! All students dress up for somehing new every game. This week was hippie/70s! I wore a flower crown, blue eyeshadow and also a tie-dye-shirt I got to borrow from my dear friend Brianna! I went over to her house before the game and got to try pizza rolls for the first time! During the game, all students stood up in our own section. Apparently there was a specific section for seniors.. in which I found myself standing.. After realizing my misstake I walked up on the bleachers where the younger students stood. When the seniors realized that I had walked away they told me that I could come back.. I am only going to be here for a year anyway! I did not watch the game very much.. I took time to talk to my friends, and I made new ones! I just cheered whenever everyone else did, and whenever the ball was kicked out on the field we grabbed each other's hands! I also made some people try salt liquorice.. still finding the reactions priceless. 
I was really facinated by the cheerleaders and their chants. As seen in the video above, they had to do as many pushups as the score we had! It was so entertaining to watch! And oh - New Haven won!! 
I was even on the news with the rest of the students announcing commercial break! Although I can not find a clip from it on the Internet, buhu!

Postat av: josephine Asplund

Så fin blogg du har. Tips på någon god/nyttig/fräsch smoothie?
Hoppas du haft en bra helg och får en fortsatt underbar söndag! Kram<3

Svar: Hm.. nä, jag brukade bara ha frusna hallon, vanilj yoghurt och mjölk i min smoothie. Tack, desamma! ♥

2016-08-28 @ 10:26:46

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