Harry Potter and the Cursed Child reading marthon

So today was only about one thing - reading. And not just reading, but a very special book.. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. If you want to know what I did today the truth is that I just moved around the house with my book. Sat on the front porch, in bed, on the couch, on the other couch.. consuming this lovely new baby I bought in New York. If you are not in the fandom you probably do not get it.. but I have waited for some new material for a long time now. And I am still not done raving about the book.. I have yet to read all the reviews and book talks there is about it. I am not going to spoil anything - but I will say that I really loved the book and the way it was written (it is a script for a play) and it was a lot like fan fiction! And by the way.. mom, if you read this - book a plane ticket for London in 10 months time so we can go see the play!!
Stayed inside all day except for some occasionally front porch reading. My host parents did some yard work and I just sat there and acted like they were my slaves.. okay just kidding. I offered to help but they did well on their own.
I have been talking to a lot of my exchange student friends. It is so exciting to follow each other's journeys because even though we are all in the same country for often the same reasons, we all have found our way in different states and different families, making every experience unique.
After dinner I did my laundry, so that was nice!
Oh, and for my sister who finds the food in America extremely interesting - for breakfast I had a bagel, kiwi and a banana, for lunch I had left over pizza and cucumbers, and for dinner I had sausage, green beans and potatoes. And I enjoyed it all.


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