Back To School Night and Scrimmage Football Game

Hi readers!
Today was a good day at school. Got to talk to a lot of new people and after this week I can officially say that I know where all of my classes are! My only struggle is that we now got two 5 kilo text books.. which I have to carry around everywhere since I clearly can not open my locker.. Oh and by the way, today I got to meet the second exchange student at New Haven! She flew here yesterday I believe, and comes from Kenya. I find that to be so cool! 
Today was something called "Back to School Night". Basically all teachers gathered outside school so parents could meet them. Free hot dogs, drinks and chips! To be honest, almost no students came.. I had to because of yearbook! I took a bunch of pictures and interviewed some of the teachers as well as the drama club, which I might join!
After Back to School Night, I watched my first American football game! It was actually not an official game, just what they refer to as "scrimmage", a practice. I did not pay that much attention, mostly I just talked to Bianca and her friends.
After the football game, Bianca and her mom took me to a local ice cream place - Zestos. there were so many items I had no idea what they were! I ordered some sort of cookie dough ice cream - cookie dough blizzard. It was amazing. To be honest I have had sugar every day since I came here.. By that I mean some sort of candy, chips, ice cream.. you name it.
(They were actually laughing for real!! I just sneaked a picture)


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