Another school week is done

Time goes really fast here, and I am constantly busy.. therefore I have not been active on my blog. But this blog happens to be my diary - this is where I will look back in the future, my way of remembering what I have done during my year. So even though it is late, I still want to update you all on what has happened this week!
Switched classes
Okay, so I have felt stressed about school. I did not have any free time - when my host mom Sue took me home after school I found myself doing homework 24/7. Although that is changing now! I want to have time to do other things! I dropped out of AP US History and switched to advanced health. Basically we learn what to do in case of an accident or emergancy. We just need to read a book and answer questions. I also dropped out of honors English and switched to "regular". The amount of homework was insane! My new teacher is really fun and we move at a much slower pace. 
 I am officially in a club! We had our first yearbook meeting this week and I would say we are a nice group of girls. Together we are going to take pictures and write articles about school and the sports games. Super exciting!
Picture day was last week. I did not buy my picture but I have it on my student ID.. it will forever hunt me. I believe the use them for the yearbook too?? Not excited about that. I have also forgotten to mention that I have got an iPad from school! We do not use them very much but it is a nice tool to have.
Random school pics:


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