Last day of school

These next blog posts will be a little scattered.. but it is whatever. I had my last day of American school on Wednesday May 24th. The three last days included finals and working on the yearbook. I spent almost every period in the library.. in our classes we only watched movies anyway and that is boring. On the last day all of the exchange students - Linnea from Sweden, Ryan from Indonesia, Juwana from Bahrain and Joyner from Kenya, all walked to our teachers to say goodbye and leave thank you cards. Then we had a little photoshoot in the front of the building.
I do not know how I feel. Empty, I guess. It is nothing. My body has not reacted to the fact that I am not returning. I do not really understand. New Haven High School was so good to me. I made so many friends of all kinds, from all cliques and groups. I hope they will not forget about the tall Swedish girl.


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