American Halloween

10/31 Halloween!
Today was Halloween - and sadly I had school. But a lot of the teachers gave us candy, so that was always pleasant. Some people actually dressed up. I wore a shirt saying "I am going to be witchy all day". After school, Claire came over to my house. We started putting our costumes together - I made fake blood (this recipe is awesome: We went outdoors to spray Claire's hair all black, and she splashed fake blood on my shirt. She dressed as Wednesday Adams with black hair in braids and a black dress with leggings. I dressed as a "cereal killer", which is a pun. Ryan put on a cape, a funny hat and some fake blood by his mouth. He was a vampire! Yes, we were all going trick or treating! Claire might be 18 but she looks way younger so I would just tell people that I am her bigger sister.. Although the real reason is that I have always wanted to experience Halloween in America - and I don't care what age I am.

Claire and I walked around the neighborhood and knocked on doors saying "Trick or Treat?". Some people were sitting out by their front porch. It was so cool how people decorated - people spent 100s of dollars for scary decor and someone had carved over 10 pumpkins. I think it is great how the trick or treating had a set time. We met so many other kids outside. It is also easy to know what places to go and where to not - if the porch light is on or not. All candy where packaged too. One house let us pick a Halloween themed item instead of candy. One guy had some bananas too. I saw a lot of dogs wearing costumes. Overall it was such a cool experience.

Once we arrived back home, we poured our candy out on the carpet to trade. I started thinking about my little sister Agnes, and how she suddenly turns into a business woman once candy is involved. I really wish for her to experience American Halloween at some point of her life. She would have loved it.

Yes, I celebrated Halloween back home by going trick or treating. But it is a way smaller tradition for us in Sweden. A lot of people don't know it is Halloween. Every year someone would give me fruit or money instead of candy.


Claire Leann Moons foto.