My Placement!

OMG.. I have so much to write on here I do not even know where to start.
On Wednesday I was asked when I would get my placement. I responded by saying "It could be tomorrow, or in August, even 4 days before departure. All I know is that more than half of the students traveling with STS to the US get their placement in June, July or August". Guess what happend next? I got my placement the day after!
It all started with an American woman adding me on Facebook. By now I got a little suspicious.. Why would someone add me? Then she sent me a Facebook message saying that I would be staying with her and her family beginning in August! 
I freaked out.. started shaking.. I was so nervous, and scared! So of course I did what was the most natural thing to do.. I sent a Snapchat to one of my closest friends, knowing that I needed support. After that I called my mom, and we agreed that I should call STS just to confirm my placement. But I happend to call at 5.01 pm and they closed at 5.00.. stupid.
But the day after they sent me an entire document of information, covering the family, the school and the area.. I will make seperate posts about this soon, so just wait for it! (or scroll upp, it is most likely already posted)
So this is actually happening.. shit.