Why I chose STS

The first thing you need to do once you have decided that you want to become an exchange student is to find an organization. There are plenty, such as STS, EF, YFU.. I chose STS. They were the first organization I found out about, and since I was happy with them I did not see any reason to look up other ones.
When did you first find out about STS?
I saw an advertisement in a magazine, googled the company, read about language schools and booked a trip to Brighton summer 2k15!
How did you decide that STS should be your organization?
STS have been very helpful and informative about the language school trip I will attend. I have read really good reviews, I liked their website and they seem very popular and professional. I believe they will take good care of me!
I have also only met extremly passionate, kind and funny workers when I have been to their meetings. I met a language school trip leader, two former exchange students and several other workers at their office. They seem to know what they are doing! I am not sure if STS is more expensive than the other organizations.. But I feel safe with them, and that is what matters.
Picture belongs to STS.