Cincinnati Trip

Saturday October 1, I packed a back pack with some overnight essentials, and went to church at 6.15 to meet up with my youth group (known as momentum). For $30, I got the opportunity to go to Cincinnati, Ohio! We left the church around 6.30, and drove for about 3 hours until we made it over to the creation museum in Kentucky. We spent several hours here, and I walk around with two girls named Allison and Cami, as well as one of our leaders called Ryan. The museum talked about evolution through the Christian perspective and it was really cool to see what they believe in. I did not know that there was a fully developed theory. I had some good chilli at the restaurant there. 
After the creation museum we went over to the place we were going to sleep during the night - motel 6. A lot of the girls freaked out and said that there were lice, and that the bedding was not washed. I was the only one willing to touch the blanket. I did not think about bringing my own.
After that we went to eat. I joined a couple of people over at Chipotle. My first time! I had a bowl with beaf. Really enjoyed it!
Then we went to "Dave & Busters", an arcade and bar. At first it appeared to be a place only for adults - the music was loud, people were drinking.. but it ended up being really fun. Juwanna, another other exchange student who is from Bahrain, and I shared a token card so that we could play games. We won some candy. It was yummy!
The girls in my room and I stayed up late and just talked. It was nice.
Saturday October 2, I woke up and went to eat breakfast at MC Donalds. Then we went to Crossroad church, which offered a lot of good music. We ate lunch at Skyline Chili.. It was amazing. I hope to bring my family there when they come see me. After lunch, we went to watch a baseball game - Reds vs. Cubs. Thought I knew the rules but it was more complicated than I thought. Not much happened during the game in my opinion. The car ride home was long, and we stopped to get Subway. I tried the vegeterian one, it was good! We also had walkie-talkies in the vans. Some people sang into the walkie-talkies and I grabbed it and spoke Swedish. Pretty funny in my opinion. I think I came home from this action packed weeend retreat around 11.30.