Thursday September the 29th
One thing I forgot to mention about the Thursday of homecoming is that we had a bonfire! Even though it was raining. We just could not let any more activities get cancelled. I had my first s'more! The bonfire took place outside Grace Gathering. I brought Ryan with me and introduced him to a lot of people. A lot of my friends came and we just listened to music, talked and did our best to remain warm by the fire. The fire department actually came to set it up.
Someone new moved in - double placeent
Now, you may think - who is Ryan? Ryan is also known as Ryandhani Aldi Yudiansyah (try pronuncing that). Ryan used to live in Michigan and attend a high school there, but because he and his double placement Yerkin was left without supervision for 3 weeks, they had to be removed from their host families. STS asked my host mom for a favor - can you have Ryan staying with you for a little while when I find him a host family? And so Ryan came to stay with us for a while. He did not get to attend school, he just stayed home and followed Sue and her daily routine. Ryan is from Indonesia and he is 17 years old. On the night of Wednesday 28th, Ryan came over to stay at our house. Poor boy, he was pulled from his host family so quickly that he barely had time to pack. I stayed up later that day so that I would get to meet him. And I remember how, when Sue asked if he had any questions, he said "what are the rules?". Ryan fit very well into our family. He is really positive and kind. So after some thinking, Sue asked him to move in with us. It was not an easy decision - we all looked for families that would be the right fit fo him, until we realized that he belongs in ours. Ryan had some hard time letting go of his life up in Michigan too. Completely understandable. Well, to the point - we are two exchange students staying with the Heckleys right now!