Diagon Alley in Fort Wayne

Guess if I was excited when I found out the there would be a charity Harry Potter event held in Fort Wayne on Saturday January 21st? I spit my tea and raised my wand. Me and my friend Brianna went to discover the event, and there was a large crowd! There was a pretty long line outside! While in the building, they had set up a bunch of shops where people sold Harry Potter related items. Most things the sellers had crafted themselves! It was so fun to look at, and we both spent so much money! I am so obsessed with Harry Potter, it completely warmed my heart to be around so much other people who were dressed up and showed their love for the magical story. They were actually having a Yule ball this day as well, but it was outsold and tickets were $100..
After the event, we drove to a coffee shop where I ordered a caramel milk drink. It was the cutest little place and Bri showed me that one of the tables had the number 9¾! We also went to the mall and Bri found the cutest semi formal dress!
Later that day, I went to Megan's house and played Clue with her, Ryan and Juwana. The taught me the seizure dance and Ryan desperately tried to convince Megan to watch La La Land with him. He has been listening to the soundtrack 24/7 lately.. Around 10 o'clock Abbey came to pick me up. She stayed the house and the day after we went to breakfast at Saigon Food, a Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered noodles and chicken though. And I also bought Hubba Bubba sour apple gum. That used to be my favorite as a kid, so I was quite excited when I randomly found it at an Asian restaurant.