What I have been up to lately

Monday January 9th
Today at Campus Life (which is like a 'fritidsgård' for my fellow Swedes out there), we had a battle between the sexes! Basically the concept was for the boys to answer typical "girls questions" like makeup, clothes etc., and girls answered typical "boys questions" - maily about Americans sports, so I had no idea. We had a Q&A session, played Kahoot and finished off with a blindfolded makeup challenge.The girls had a strategy to pick a few people to yell out the wrong answers to fool the boys, but the person picking the answers ended up getting confused and picked the wrong answer, so that was not our best idea.The boys won, but with 99 points, which was nothing in this game! 
Tuesday January 10th
E-learning, because the roads were icy..
Wednesday January 11th
Meeting for Canstruction! Basically this is an extracurricular activity at school where we fundraise money to buy cans and build a statue out of cans! I found a picture of New Haven's construction last year:
Image result for canstruction new haven
Friday the 13th
Claire came over after show choir and we made cookie dough balls. They were so good, for the record. I do not care that we ate raw eggs. 
Saturday January the 14th
Spent time with Abbey today. We went and got our nails done, and let us just say that next time I go I will have a plan! I also did not take a picture of my nails after they got done, so the one down below is a picture of what they look like two weeks later (they have grown so fast!). We also went to Noodles & Company, their food was great. Abbey really brings out my Asian side! After that we went and found our sleep number - how soft or hard the matress should be to match our liking. It was a fun time.
Monday January 16th
No school today because of Martin Luther King Jr! Ryan and I took a walk to ask around for yearbook advertisements. Then we went to the mall with Megan, Cierra, Joanna and her friend McKayla. We did not stay for long but I tried on some prom dresses! Still can not find one in my budget.
Later we celebrater Caleb, my host brother's birthday. He flew in from Minnesota and the rest of the family came over. We ate fried chicken, potatoes and chocolate pudding.
Wednesday January 18th
Went to watch the girls' basketball team play! Joanna is such a good player and I was really proud of her.


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