Claire's 18th birthday


December 10th 2016

Woke up at Ally’s house but left at 9.00. A couple of hours later Claire came by to pick me up after her show choir practice - today was her 18th birthday! In America turning 18 means that you are an adult and that you can buy raffle tickets and tobacco - but unlike in Sweden, their drinking age is 21. We drove to her house and while she was getting ready I helped her mom with some decorating. She hang balloons all over the ceiling. After some time, we left Claire’s house and headed to “Agaves”, a Mexican restaurant in Fort Wayne. Claire had invited a lot of friends for dinner. Almost all of us ordered chicken quesadilla.. And it was really good! What I loved about this restaurant was that they constantly gave us chips and salsa. It was the best salsa I have ever had in my life. For dessert, Claire and I shared some fried ice cream. It was basically vanilla ice cream with a crispy coconut flake coating. After we finished eating, a I walked up to the main desk and asked if the workers would sing for Claire. I mean, that is what they always do in the movies! And they did! And she actually got a free dessert, but she was too full to eat it.. It is times like this you should be very thankful to have a friend! Haha.

All of us went to Claire's house where her brother and his wife surprised her. We opened gifts, ate snacks and talked. My gift for Claire was me paying for a trip with our youth group - winter blast. Sue and I also provided the candy for the party. My other surprise for her was that I had made video of all of her friends and family saying greetings. It ended up being 15 minutes long. She actually started crying so I felt very accomplished. I like giving personal gifts.

The night was spent watching movies and we slept in her living room. When we woke up the next morning, it was crazy snow and icy on the roads. I was so scared that a I would not be able to get home, because I had a meeting with my STS organization! Thankfully that got canceled. I was really scared for my teenage friends who drove in snow for the first time. I did not want anyone to end up in an accident, which thankfully they did not.



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