February 13
In celebration of Valentine's day, Campus Life had a mega club, where students from schools in our district were all invited. The occation? - a dating game. I knew that the night was going to end with two (a girl and a boy) students getting to go on a date with two students (a boy and a girl).. little did I know I would be one of them. 
When I arrived at the church where the event took place, we all had to fill out a questionnaire with questions like "long or short hair?", "silver spoon or plastic spork (refering to our wealth)", "America's got Talent or Sport Star?", "Natural or Glamour?", and then all girls went up on stage, attaching the questionnaire to our chest. This is when a guy walked up, blindfolded. He seated himself on stage behind a curtain so that he could not see the girls. I believe we were about 40. The guy introduced himself as Brock and the leader told us that he loved Taylor Swift. I thought I heard him wrong at first, but I got really excited - for if you know me, you know that Taylor Swift is my all time favorite singer. However, back to the point. The guy got to pick qustions that we had earlier answered and then he said an answer. The girls with a different answer had to leave the stage and were out of the game, unless they received the golden ticket, and the could proceed with the game. The first question was if our hair was "short and sweet" or "long and flowy". Brock picked "long and flowy", and only one girl that had short hair left the stage. The next question was regarding our makeup. Brock picked "natural", so all girls that picked "glamour", I believe there was only two, exited the stage. The third question was hobby. The two options were "America's got Talent" and "Sport Star". I was totally chocked when he picked "America's Got Talent", and all girls except for 4 left the stage! It was me, Kaitlyn, Jia and two others. We then moved on to the next round.
This time, Brooke asked us questions and pick a few that had to answer. Out of the answers he had to pick someone that had to leave. His first question was what we would bring to a deserted island. Thankfully he did not ask me, because I do not know what I would have answered. He then asked me along with other girls to tell him what we would order at "Buffalo Wild Wings". Last time I was there I ordered tacos, so that is what I said. Two girls said they would order a salad, so they were out.
In the last round, the leader asked us multiple choice questions about Brock and we had to guess what he would answer. I decided to answer what I hope he would answer, so that he would be a lot like me. The questions were like "where would you go on vacation?", "what is my ideal date?", "what would I be doing during a football game?". Yeah, I won. The crowd cheered for me and I was so nervous, for until now Brock had not seen my face. We went to sit in a couch and it was time for a girl named Brooke (their names are so similar, it confused me) and I told him that I loved Taylor Swift. He said that he based the quesitons on finding the girl mostly like her! Also, as the guys were on stage, Brock guessed how I would answer the questions that they had to answer. It was really sweet.
The guy that got to go on a date with Brooke was named Nacho (yes, it is his actual name!) and he is an exchange student from Spain. All four of us went to eat at Pizza Hut together and we had some nice conversation. It was really fun!


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