End of spring break

April 6
Made donuts for dinner with my host brother's wife. I also spent time playing with their children. Landon and Carter are the cutest! I feel blessed to have witnessed Carter learn how to walk, and he is also starting to make words (or understandable sounds)

April 7
Went to the movies to watched "The Schack" with Sue and Ryan. It is a good Christian movie. Amanda (host brother's wife) and I went to a Harry Potter concert. They screened the first Harry Potter movie and an ensemble performed. I dressed up for the event and it was amazing. So many people attended and people reacted to what was going on on the screen. After that I spent the night at Kaitlyn's.

April 8
Went to Tincaps opening night. That is a baseball team in Fort Wayne. America really loves sport and before I came here I could not understand why, but I am really enjoying it more than I thought! 

April 9
Celebrated Ryan's birthday with the family by eating fried food. We fried chicken, mushrooms, pickles, fries.. Ryan eats a lot of fried food I'm Indonesian and has maintained a healthier diet here in the US. I think he is the only exchange student that I have ever heard of that has lost weight during their year!



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