Easter in America

April 11
After school I went to Bianca's house and she practiced doing my makeup for prom.

April 13
Went on a field trip with photography to take pictures in downtown Fort Wayne. The city is actually really pretty and people here totally take it for granted.


April 14
Because of good Friday, we had no school. Ryan and a I went on a walk that took us to Dairy Queen, the barber shop, the library, the bakery and the skate park. Then I went to watch Beauty and the Beast with Megan. We went to a theatre with recliners and sat all the way in the front.

April 15
Ryan and I went to school to paint our sets for the musical. Then we watched some of a baseball game. Sue came to pick us up and drive us to our friend Tobias from Germany. We got to know some of his friends - shoutout to Maddie and Regan. We had an Easter egg hunt (it was windy so I dropped my eggs.. A kid stole them), walked to a park (proud to say that I climbed up the monkey bars) and ate at Panera.

April 16
Went to our grandparents house and celebrated Easter by eating food, going for a walk in the sun, and hiding eggs with candy for the little kids. So thankful to be invited into this family as if I am their own.


April 17
Kaitlyn did my makeup after school and we rehearsed lines.

April 18
Went to a baseball game at New Haven. We played really well!
We had our first rehearsal without our scripts. I only forgot one of my lines! I am so proud of myself.



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