"Black church", Spray tan etc.

March 14
After school I went to the mall with Ally and she bought Steven (her boyfriend) a record player for his birthday. When I came home, Kaitlyn arrived with a pie, because today was pi day! 3/14 (pi~3.14)

March 15
Ryan had his first competition in academic super bowl - our school competing in school subjects! And they came in third place! I was so happy for him

March 17
Spent the day with Ryan and Megan. We went looking for a prom dress but like usual - no luck. We then went to Megan's house and watched "Edge of 17". Ryan fell asleep so Megan and I drew on his face. He did not realize until the next morning and thought that he had gotten more acne!


March 18
Ryan and I spent time at Golden Gate Chinese buffet, then Ally picked me up and we went to babysit her cousins. Together we watched Trolls (awesome movie), Ladybug and Power Rangers (which we later found out they were not allowed to watch). We also ate pizza, learned ballet and played with puzzles. On our way home, Ally and I stopped to eat ice cream. It was a happy day.

March 19
Zechariah picked up Ryan and I. Along with his friend Marcus and Brooke, we went to a church in Fort Wayne that was dominated by black people/African American. Me and Brooke were the only white people. It was a really cool experience - completely different from the churches I have been to in the past. When we first arrived we were introduced to everyone and they sang a song for the guests. I hugged so many strangers and shook so many hands. The service lasted from 11.00 to 1.30, so it was extremely long. When we sang we clapped our hands and held one another. We all stood together holding hands, and there were different prayer dances. We were all just very put on spot, but it was a lot of fun!

After the service I ate duck nuggets at Zechariah that Ryan really had anticipated. Then Brianna came and picked me up. She went with me to go get a spray tan! It was free at Sun Tan City on this day, and I have always wondered what if would be like to have one. And I can tell you that it was not bad! I felt very fresh and.. tan. Recommend! A lot of girls at my school go in tanning beds but I would not want to risk that because of skin cancer. We also went to Coney Island and at hot dogs.



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