Johnny Appleseed's Festival

Johnny Appleseed's Festival
Johnny Appleseed, also known as John Chapman, lived 1774-1845. He was a kind man who introduced apple trees to  large parts of PennsylvaniaOntarioOhioIndiana, and Illinois, as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia. He became an American legend while still alive.. and now he has an annual festival in Fort Wayne. It was a very crowded and muddy festival with the focuse on food, crafts and some fun events like a magic show (Brianna - do you remember the awesome elephant trick?). Ally, Brianna, Stephen and I attended. I got to try my first caramel apple (a little too sweet in my opinion), root beer (*polite no than you*), sugar & snickerdoodle cookies (and they ended up making them on sale the moment before Brianna bought them!) and a beef stew.. which I found out was cold after I bought it (quite a dissapointment). It was a super cute and cozy festival. I really enjoyed my stay there.
When I was walking out of Brianna's car, I ended up cracking my phone out of excitment for the three cookies Brianna got me.. Oops. 
Claire came to momentum and that made me really excited! Today's youth group was very special. Instead of just sitting in a room, we took actions - we devided into groups and jumped into vans. A leader drove us around the city and our job was to show love by asking people to pray for them. On the way to our destination we were asked to look for a sign - maybe we felt like someone with the name Jen was having stomach problems, or a man in a green shirt needed some prayers. I had never done anything like it before so I was a little nervous. We ended up by a playground, trying to talk to a boy in a red shirt.. but none of us knew what to say. After somewhat of a fail, Claire, a new guy named Jessie, his friend Bear and I stumble upon a condo with yellow flowers by the door and the number 112. Claire had told Jessie earlier how she felt a pretty strong connection to the number 12 and the color yellow.. Our youth group leader had told us not to knock on houses but the sign seemed so strong.. we could not miss the chance. The new guy Jessie ended up convincing Adriana so the four of us ended up knocking on a stranger's door. He asked us to pray for getting rid of evil. We wrote down the name of his family members so we could continue having him in thought. It was a great experience, kind of far out of my comforte zone.. but I am glad I did it. Back at church we split into small groups and prayed for each other. The night was all about love.


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