Ryan's first snow

November 16th
Woke up this morning with the announcement of a 2 hour delay! So I just went back to sleep. When I woke up 2 hours later, it was announced that the delay was now 3 hours - all because of fog! This means that school starts 10.40, and sadly we have to stay until 3.55.. But at least I got to sleep in. I wish school could have been canceled instead, and if that would have been the case I would have had online school (e-learning). So many students skipped school this day!

After school, we went to the post office, and Kaitlyn, my friend from drama club, came over to my house. We made a dirt/mud pie (?) that we brought over to the Zach and Savannah's house, who had invited the drama club for dinner! Zach and Savannah work for Youth for Christ, and it is their job to go into the school and interact with the students. I was happy to see them do something very sweet for the drama club, because a lot of times the sports at school gets the most recognition. The dinner was so much fun. We ate spaghetti and afterwards we sang karaoke - Disney songs! We also danced some Just Dance. It was such a fun time that I hope we do again sometime. And later, Kaitlyn cut my hair!


November 18th
A couple of girls from Sue's Sunday school came over for a sleepover! We made pizza, talked, braided oh hair, ate candy and watched "Enchanted". The girls were about 8-11 years old.. Same age as one of my little sisters, that is. It really made me miss Agnes. When we all woke up the next morning we played Twister.. I am proud to say that I won every single time.. 😎


November 19th
First snow of the year! And that also meant that it was the first time, ever, the Ryan experienced snow. He was so excited. The look of it made his face light up. Just seeing him have that experience was incredible. He went outside in shorts and T-shirt and he just kind of stood there, all quiet, lost in thought. The neighbors questioned if he was okay..

Later that day, Brianna, Claire and her friends (whom I have met before) Rachel and Meredith came over. Together we went to the movie theater to watch "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"! On the way there, we obviously had to stop to buy MC Donald's cookies. The movie was really good. I have anticipated it for such a long time, since I love Harry Potter. I totally went to the movie theater in my costume.. Not that anyone seemed to care. It was actually a pretty empty screening - perhaps because they played the movie every half hour. I definitely think the movie is worth seeing. Bri, Claire and I held hands throughout the entire ending.. And once the movie was over, we went to Coldstone who make some really good ice cream. They somewhat "fold" topping into it!

Ryandhani Aldi Yudiansyahs foto.Ryandhani Aldi Yudiansyahs foto.

November 20th
Today was a stay-at-home kinda day. Sue and I baked cookies after church, Todd lit a fire. Terry, one of Sue's brother, came over with his girlfriend. They bought bagels and traditional Swedish gravlax.. Too bad I don't like fish. Somehow we started talking about 9/11.

I went to Momentum, the youth group, and we had a competition on who was the fastest to text our youth pastor a specific combination of emojis. I won the first price - M&Ms!




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